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Quick Api Question Before Making Website Live



I cannot thank you enough for all the resources you have made available. Here's my situation:


I was able to use the AIM/CIM/ARB api's work with my test developer count and it was a wonderful process. Now, we are about to go live in the next week or so and I just want to confirm something as it's been a while since I had to mess with the api settings.


1.) When the merchant account for the website is live (it is in test mode now) do I have to remove the 3rd paramater for my api calls?


   $subscription = new AuthnetARB('1234', 'zzzzzzzzzzzz', AuthnetARB::USE_DEVELOPMENT_SERVER);


The line above, when using my developer account api credentials, would allow me to successfully test ARB/etc using my test dev account. But when we are *live* with the website merchant account, do I just remove the 3rd parameter while making sure we post to the .api. and not .apitest. when posting to the url for payment transactions (see below, from 'arb.php')?

        $subdomain = ($this->test) ? 'apitest' : 'api';
        $this->url = 'https://' . apitest . '';



So, in short, I just want to confirm how I change the api calls (remove 3rd parameter, make sure url points to instead of so I can rest assured that when I plugin the live merchant account's api/key and replace the developer account values, we'll be guaranteed that the transactions go through.


Thanks for your time.


I am the author of the script you are using so I can give this answer. Yes, all you need to do is remove the third parameter and your site will start using the live server. Two things to remember:


  1. Make sure you also change the API Login and Transaction Key to your live credentials. If you leave your developer credentials in place you will get errors
  2. Make sure your Authorize.Net account is not in test mode (unless you wish to do more testing using your live account).

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Sorry for the late reply. Just one last q. on this topic. When I follow that advice for the client's live account can I use the same cc #'s for their live account, when I put it in test mode, to test ARB and CIM or must I use specific test CC's for their real merchant account when in test mode? It seems I can use anything with my developer account but since I want to test with their real merchant account this week, I just wanted to make sure I was prepared and that we were all prepared to test it properly and get approvals when needed before going live.


Thank you.

Hi Stymiee,

We are setting up a website, and have gotten AIP credentials and keys, but our developer didn't know how to connnect website and API for payment, could you please help us? Many thanks