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Re: Another TLS Assist Request/Question

I just happened to get off of a live chat with ANET technical support where I had asked if there was any way to test our application for TLS 1.2 compliance.  They told me "no" and even said they asked lvl2 support which also said "no."


I even specifically asked if the SANDBOX was configured to only accept TLS 1.2 transactions (to allow for testing) and they also said "no."


This has me concerned that one of you is wrong: either the online support folks were not fully informed, or the information being posted here about testing TLS 1.2 using the SANDBOX is not correct.


How can I have confidence that we are ready for this important security change?  I really don't want to find out on Feb 8th that everything just stops working for 10,000 customers when the blackout occurs!


Hi @jkoerber23


Sorry to hear about this . I have  informed our CS team on it . 


Yes our Sandbox is TLS 1.2 compliant and should be used by merchants for testing their application for it . 



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