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Recurring Billing

So I understand that you can not do recurring billing with SIM (which I have no clue why since it seems to be a common request on the forums). I am interested in doing CIM, but we never want to have any of the credit card information passed to our server or even remotely on our server.


How would you be able to charge the customer for recurring billing with CIM without having any of that information on your server? I'm assuming you are charging them you are gathering the customer profile which has the payment profile in the data type, so ultimately it will be in the request.


Anyone have any experience with this?


I understand that, but you still need to use the API to charge a customer profile, and I'd like to get a payment profile without having to know about the credit card information in the profile. 


Once I make a call for the payment profile it will return the credit card information to my server and I don't want that information on my server for obvious reasons. 


Is there a way to get the payment profile Id without having any other information returned?

It masked cc#. not the full credit card#

And they could have multiple payment profile, they will need to know which payment they selected.