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Refund Transaction More than 120 days

Is there a way to refund a transaction that is more than 120 days using linked credit method?
We sometimes have the feature of refunding the transaction more than 120 days. We are currently using the linked credit method. We cannot use the unlinked credit method so i am looking for a way to achieve refunding a transaction older than 120 days using the linked credit method.


Can someone please reply.





Hi eldakeini


It is not currently possible to refund a transaction that is more than 120 days old. You may review the support article found here for more information on the options available to you related to refunding a transaction. The ECC option listed in this article is something you can only apply for in your Production account as long as you have the supporting documentation required to do so. We reserve the right to deny a request for ECC and/or remove the feature from our line of service offerings without notice. 


In addition, in the future, please do not add links to sites unrelated to Authorize.Net integration as your posts may be marked as spam and not responded to. 


Thank you,