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Relay Response SHA-256 Hash Mismatch

Please assist with the issue that we are having during hash validation.
The hash validation works fine for the basic symbols. 
But If on the payment page( we fill characters with accents, the hash validation fails.
We receive a '�' symbol in the relay response instead of accents.
I am even not able to recreate a hash that matches the provided hash using the original symbol.
The characters are in the supported range, listed in the support article(Changes to Supported-Characters).
There was a related discussion at the end of a separate thread(Upgrading MD5 to new hash (SIM)), but unfortunately, I was not able to find a solution there.
Also, we have one more issue. When we send an address with two spaces, the second space is replaced with a '�' symbol in the relay response. The validation fails in this case, and it is not possible to create a matching hash after replacing a '�' with the original space.

When you say accents are you using characters like those in my post below:

This issue came up in a thread here and I developed a custom function to handle these characters. It’s been quite some time but the double spaces thing sounds sort of familiar. It has to do with encoding.
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Thank you for the response.

Yes, I mean various Latin symbols with diacritics. What kind of function may help me to resolve this?


My function does various encoding manipulations. It is custom built and took me about 4 hours. The details are too much to explain here. Look in your inbox.

Your profile doesn’t have an IM button. Shoot me a message if you want to talk about this further.

I guess the short answer if you want it is to take whatever you get and reverse engineer the function to get you what you want. Read the post I linked. It has the one character I never could figure out how to deal with. I have something around 120 that I have used successfully.



Can you please provide that code / function to me. I am having same issue and not able to validate the hash key.


Waiting for your reply.


Thanks & Regards,



I am having the same issue. Can you please send me the solution that you get for the issue ?


Thanks & Regards,