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Response not getting in Silent Post

I've setup the silent post as mentioned buti dont get the response to that page. Is it because i use a est account or anyother wauy i can test the page.


All i've put is

go to page and execute

        $myFile = "testFile1.txt";
        $fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");
        $stringData = "Hi\n";
        fwrite($fh, $stringData);


even that aint working. please HELP


Accepted Solutions

The real problem was the page was not accessible to the respose of Anyway thank you :smileyhappy: now its working great

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Silent post is not sent for test transaction. If you want to test silent post you either have to simulate it with a form submission or run a live transaction. You can find a sample form for testing in this forum with a quick search.

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The real problem was the page was not accessible to the respose of Anyway thank you :smileyhappy: now its working great

Hi Rajesh,


I am using the test Sandbox account for testimg ARB. After making payment for ARB I am getting email on next day with two files successfull.csv and Failed.csv. But I did not received any file on Silent URL place which I had already mentioned in my account. So what could be reasons for this? can you please help me out for this?

Make absolutely sure you have the URL correct, and that it's accessible (bring it up in your browser, copy and paste the URL to your control panel). Also make sure it's processing posts properly, by setting up a test page with a form field or two and submitting it to the silent post page. Have your silent post page log all posts it receives to a file, so you can see if something comes through and you just aren't processing it correctly. If using php, you do that by logging print_r($_POST, TRUE); If none of that identifies the problem, then post here again.