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Retail software integration with yor pos system

Dear Sirs,

we’ll install soon a management software at Davide Cenci’s store in NY: with our software the store staff can enter sales and other operations. For each sale is possible to select a payment method, at this point we will need to send to your pos system (the store should by your system) only the total amount to be paid by credit card.  There you will return to our system the payment feedback OK or not.


Can you provide us the API doc with whoch we can create this integration?

Thank you

Best Regards


Vanessa Manzione

Marketing & Sales



yes Pl

Phong Thủy Ngọc An

Hi, thank you for your promtp reply!

but sorry if I did not understand ... what does PI mean?
in the API Documentation page I see many APIs (Payment transactions, transaction reporting, echeck), but I did not understand which (PI?) is the one to use.
can you give me more precise help, thank you!


Hi Vanessa,

I've added a link below to our In-Person SDKs.  Authorize.Net supports integrations for iOS, Android and Windows.  We are certified for EMV transactions with First Data Nashville or TSYS, otherwise we can support a swipe-only integration.  I have also added links to our Git Hub repositories which have readme files that link to the API documentation.

Hi Phong Thui Ngoc An,




Thanks! very interesting

Camera Kha Minh

Thanks for the tip.


can I integrate Label Printing software with or pos system?

Yes, There is an option available in many of new systems. I have not used yet, but there's so many systems to connect your retail software.