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Retries of failed transaction: Authorize.Net - ACH



Few questions regarding eCheck.Net integration:

1) I've gone through the Authorize.Net docs and found the following statement under the section Appendix C – eCheck.Net Return Codes:
Permissible action for the return type "Insufficient funds (NSF)" is Merchant may resubmit entry up to two (2) additional times without additional authorization.
What does the above line state? Does it mean that, only two transactions are possible if there are no sufficient funds in the corresponding bank account?
2) Also if the transaction fails (general failure), how many transaction attempts are possible against the corresponding bank account after the first failure?
3) Once the transaction fails, should I initiate a new transaction against the bank account or is there any way to refer the previous transaction to try the payment again?
I'm using CIM and Reporting Transaction Details API for integration.

Hi abinaya123,

To answer your questions:

1) There is no specific functionality built into Authorize.Net system to support this. This line is a reference to ACH Authorization rules defined by NACHA. If the customer has authorized you to charge the bank account, you are allowed under their regulations to try up to two additional times.

2) Can you please clarify what you mean by “general failure”?

3) Depending on the reason of the decline, when a transactions declines, you will need to resubmit the transaction.  It will just be considered a new transaction.




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