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Running Test Orders on Shopify

I've tried running test orders on my Shopify store but each time I place an order, it returns an error. The response code is 7. I double checked the API Login ID and Transaction Key. I set test mode on both Shopify and AuthorizeNet account. These are the test credit card numbers I used with future expiration dates:


American Express 370000000000002
Diners Club/ Carte Blanch38000000000006


Anyone with experience using Shopify can help me out? I have no idea why this isn't working.


Accepted Solutions

@ebuzguy you can create a sandbox account at and then set Shopify to test mode but keep your sandbox in live mode.  This should help you isolate the issue.



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Are you using a valid expiration date format? MMYY, MM/YY, MM-YY, MMYYYY, MM/YYYY, MM-YYYY

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Yep, the format shown is MM/YY so I'll input something like 12/20.

Added some screenshots,


Shopify checkout page. Test credit card number entered.



Error message after submitting order. Happens with every test credit card number used.



Payment settings in Shopify account for AuthorizeNet payment gateway. Test mode checked and API Login ID and Transaction Key inputted.



Details of test order transaction. AuthorizeNet shows response code 7 which means invalid expiration date of credit card. I used a valid future expiration date so why is this happening?



Test mode setting in AuthorizeNet account. I've checked in with AuthorizeNet support, they verified that my account is good to go.



Hello @ebuzguy


Are you attempting a transaction in our sandbox or production credentials?  Our sandbox and production systems are separate and you cannot use credentials from one system to another.


A quick check of shopify help suggest setting test mode within Shopify when using Authorize.Net requires that you use sandbox credentials.





Hi Richard,


I'm not sure. How do I find out if I'm using sandbox or production credentials?

Sandbox credentials are obtained from

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Okay, I definitely know I don't have sandbox credentials. The API Login ID and Transaction Key credentials used for my Shopify account is from my live account.  Could this be the reason why I'm getting an error when doing test orders?

@ebuzguy you can create a sandbox account at and then set Shopify to test mode but keep your sandbox in live mode.  This should help you isolate the issue.



Awesome! Test order was successful. Since I'm using sandbox credentials, how would I know that my production credentials will work with real orders? Or is it that since I'm already running successful test orders via sandbox, this already means that real orders through my production credentials will work?