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SIM ASP.Net - Posting Form working in IE but not Firefox

I am having an issue when I post the form from my shopping cart - it works great in Internet Explorer but does not work in Firefox.  Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?


Thanks Angie


Here is the submit button sub:


Protected Sub button_CheckOut_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventArgs) Handles button_CheckOut.Click

… load shopping cart, validate etc

Dim s As String = myremotepost.returnForm(newDataTable.Rows(0).Item("AuthorizeNet_ServerURL").ToString)



End sub


This is the code that submits the form:


Protected Sub myPostScript(ByVal Page As System.Web.UI.Page)

        Dim strScript As New System.Text.StringBuilder

        strScript.Append("<script language='javascript'>")

        strScript.Append("var ctlForm = document.getElementById('frmPP');")



        'Registerclientscriptblock does not work in firefox

        ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(GetType(Page), "PPSubmit", strScript.ToString, True)

        'RegisterStartupScript does not work in ie or firefox

        'ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "PPSubmit", strScript.ToString)

End Sub



A couple changes I made and the clientscript.registerclientscriptblock is working in both Internet Expolorer and Firefox. Internet Explorer flickers my page before transferring to Authorize.Net while Firefox loads my full page before transferring.



GetType(Page), "PPSubmit", strScript.ToString, False)


I think the culprit is gettype(page) - I only want it to post the new form not the full page but haven't found a way round that yet. I've tried both gettype(page) and me.gettype() same result for both.


So the changes that I made -

My masterpage was inside my styles folder (don't know why I set it up that way) so I moved it to the root.

Removed the scriptManager for now - I'm not using it.

Changed Boolean value indicating whether to add script tags to False


Still more digging around to do but one step forward :smileyhappy:

Thanks Angie