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SIM - Accepting only specific forms of payment, such as Visa or MC, but not AMEX

I am currently using the SIM method. Recently we had to update our Online Applications and Carts to become PCI compliant. At the moment, is accepting several forms of payments, but we only want specific ones. Back when we use AIM, we did all the card-type checking and had displayed "Card not Accepted" messages. But that was lost when moving to SIM.


I looked through the documentation, but couldn't find anything specific to what I was looking for, but it also could be that I simply do not know if I am even looking for the right thing.


For example, I'd like to know if I could insert a hidden field, something like (an example): <input type="hidden" name="x_cards_accepted" value="VISA,MC"> in my cart before submitting to and have it deny users who use cards that are NOT specified. If this is possible, what would the field name in the example (x_cards_accepted ) be? And how would the value look?


If there is no way to do this, I assume I would have to call up to enable/disable specific payment getways, right? (Just looking for solution on our end first).


Thanks for any helpful response, I appreciate it!


Accepted Solutions

Sounds like something you'd need to do at the merchant level.

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Sounds like something you'd need to do at the merchant level.


Kinda what I thought since I couldn't find any documentation on this.


Thanks for the reply!