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SIM Itemized Orders for PHP


Hello To Everyone Reading This:


I have gone over the SIM Developer Guide and found the information regarding Itemized Orders. However, can anyone tell me if I am wasting my time trying to make this work for ordering food online? I am setting up a menu, I need drop downs from 4 categories all with different prices..Don't know if I should just spend the time using a cart for this basic need.


Also, does anyone have anymore information regarding making the Itemized Order's work. I am having a hard time finding proper documentation...1st timer here...and I am sure once I have this figured out I'll feel stupid for having asked such a simple question. 


Thanks, Ann


It sounds like there may be a mis-understanding of what Itemized Orders refer to in the Authorize.Net system.  When you submit itemized order details, it is purely for informational purposes and it is not used to construct the transaction.  You will want to make sure that you are calculating the order total before generating the SIM form on your site and before directing the customer to Authorize.Net's hosted payment form.

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