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Sample PHP Code for SIM Hosted Form request using new 1.8.4 SDK controller model?

Whew, I just dug into the new SDK controller model, and I'm not very versed with using PHP namespaces.


Is there a piece of example PHP code for requesting the SIM hosted payment form using the new SDK?


I can't find one on the sample code page on GitHub, and the new API reference doesn't cover the SIM-specific portions of the API.


Thanks, Fritz


Regular Contributor

Hello @coppercup


We don't have any sample code for hosted payment forms with the new SDK.  If create an issue on GitHub, it will let the development team know directly that you are looking for an example.



Administrator Administrator

The SIM documentation only has an ASP example.  It's not like PHP is some obscure language.  Of course the documentation sends you to the GitHub code which has been pointed out has not real example of using hosted payment forms!


Thanks a lot.