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Using card code with CIM

The docs state that the card code is not stored in the CIM.


Does that mean that everytime I want to charge a customer and use the card code, I have to prompt them again?


I guess if you don't store it, I don't know how it ends up on future transactions at the same merchant.




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Need to contact your merchant bank about your fees.

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OK, sorry about that, but I see in another area in the docs that I can prompt again for added security.


How does not using the card code impact the fees the merchant ends up paying?  I thought using the card code reduced fees, or is that only AVS?




Need to contact your merchant bank about your fees.

As @RaynorC1emen7 pointed out, the real answer lies with the Merchant Service Provider. They generally calculate rates based on risk, and while you can take concrete steps to reduce risk, how they impact your rates is proprietory to the MSP.

That said, these are among the fields that may reduce rates for merchants:

  • For Retail merchants, posting Track 1 or Track 2 data, instead of CC#/expiration date, will generally reduce rates;
  • For card not present (CNP) merchants, AVS or Card Code verification will generally reduce rates;
  • For Business-to-Business (B2B) merchants, collecting Purchase Order numbers, Tax Status, Tax, Freight, and Duty details will generally reduce rates, and are required for Level 2 processing;
  • For some merchants, using 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) may help reduce rates.

There may be other considerations on top of these, which the MSP can explain.

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