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Sandbox: Error getting valid response from api

Yesterday we started getting this error on out development server, "Uncaught Exception: Error getting valid response from api.".

Our production checkout is working fine, but when trying to create a new profile using a test CC#, it fails.


Has something checnged on




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What's strange is the sandbox works from our staging server. But the code is the same.

I'm now catching the exception and the error is the same. When I look at the Authorizenet.log file the transaction stops at the response.


authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/util/HttpClient.php : 96) - Response from AnetApi:

It just ends there.


Any help appreciated. 

BTW, using the PHP SDK v1.9.9 and I have the latest cert.pem

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Upgraded to 2.0.0 with no change

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Hello @fifty-git 


Have you tried using Wireshark or similar tools to isolate where communication breaks down?



I hadn't before your reply. I've installed wireshark locally and now I'm reading network traffic over ssh using tcpdump. But I really don't know what I'm looking for.


When I try to do a checkout on our dev, I saw this go by. with in black and red...

434747	515.610095	TCP	66	[TCP Previous segment not captured] 64742 → 22 [ACK] Seq=146989 Ack=441873649 Win=8619 Len=0 TSval=435510312 TSecr=1127518184

434748	515.610115	SSH	1314	Server: [TCP ACKed unseen segment] [TCP Previous segment not captured] , Encrypted packet (len=1248)

I'll have to figure out what this means


- Don

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well, I did a reboot on our aws instance and that fixed it.


Sorry for the messed up post.


- D

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