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Seeking assistance with IFrameCommunicator

At the last minute we find ourselves needing to pivot from a full page redirect solution to an iFrame-hosted solution for Accept Hosted, and we have no PHP expertise on staff so the Accept sample app is nearly useless to us.  We're looking at the HTML sample from the Accept Hosted documentation page, but it is not at all clear how (or if) this works.  The documentation says that the IFrameCommunicator needs to be a separate file alongside the page that hosts the iframe for the Accept Hosted page, but the sample HTML seems to have both of these in a single file.  Which of these is correct?


Also, the return URL s supposed to be set if a receipt page is not desired, but our goal is to use the iFrameCommunicator to obtain the transaction ID within the customer's browser session, so that when that page is posted back to the server, we can look up the transaction details in realtime.  But we're concerned that redirecting the customer's browser to the return URL will result in the post to the iFrameCommunicator's onReceiveCommunication() method, in which the transaction ID seems to be included, won't happen within the customer's browser session, and hence when they post that page back to the server, we won't have the transaction ID available.


Hopefully someone can enlighten us as to what we are missing.  (If only there was a full, working example that wasn't based upon PHP, then we might not be having such troubles.)