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Setting up Recurring Payments for my church at different frequncies...

I'm the "web developer" at our church (kind of by default) and had a question about setting up recurring payments.


We are subscribed to the ARB thing.


My question is this.  Can I set up a form where people can check a recurring box and then create a dropdown that lets them select the frequency of their giving? The options would be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly. I would like them to be able to do that and then it automatically starts billing them at their selected intervals.  I can go in and make a transaction an ARB subscription, but I don't want to have to do that with everyone that wants to give automatically.


I don't know a whole of programming beyond HTML, so any help would be appreciated.


Let me know what you think. Thank you soooo much. We really need to get this going.


Authorize.Net does not currently offer a form for allowing customers/donors to schedule their own recurring payments.  While it is technically possible to create a form like this yourself using our ARB API, it would be a fairly involved process.  The best optiont hat we can provide you is probably the one that you are already using by manually converting single payments into subscriptions.

Administrator Administrator

Thank you so much! I guess I'll just go with that for now, too bad, cause I know there are some better options out there tailored for churches.  Oh well.


Take care,