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Settle payment to multiple accounts?

Does anyone know if it is possible to have a single transaction settle into multiple bank accounts?  We have a recurring membership subscription where the customer pays a single payment, and then we need that payment to be split to 3 service providers on the back end based on a standard percentage.  I have software that will allow me to track the payments and who needs to be paid, but then I will end up paying a second set of fees on the backend that I want to avoid.


Here's the current flow:

1) customer subscribes on our website

2) payment is collected from the customer (paying the merchant fees on this payment) and settled into our account

3) once a month, we create a mass upload file for paypal to pay the other 2 vendors their share (and pay paypal fees on these transactions)


What I'd like to be able to do is have a single payment collected from the customer and split into 3 payments on the backend.  Is this possible?    Or do you have any suggestions of an alternate way to solve this so that we are not paying fees twice on the same money?


Hello jeckton,


The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway does not support this functionality.



Administrator Administrator