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Shared CIM / Multiple Merchant Accounts

Hi all, I've seen a few posts, and even some responses from folks regarding something called a "Shared CIM"

The idea here is we have multiple merchant accounts that all need to have access to the same CIM profile.  So the process would be:

1.  Customer signs up and we vault their card in the CIM.

2. 30 days later we run their monthly fee from a different merchant account.  (How can this 2nd merchant account use the payment profile from step 1.

A few posts on here:

This next post event says they are using a "shared vault payment profile nonce" and there is a reply from administrator seeming to confirm this.  Maybe this isn't what I'm lookinfor but if anyone has any more info on how my scenario can be accomplished or point me to documentation I need it would be much appreciated.

If this feature doesn't exist, would the alternative be to use AIM to vault each customer payment info across all our gateway CIMs in the case that a different merchant account needs to use it in the future?  I say AIM because I'm guessing using the hosted form to save the payment data wouldn't allow to store it in the other gateway.

Thanks for any help from the community on this one.