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Sharing a Credit Card across multiple merchant accounts?

Our business sells products from multiple suppliers. Each of these suppliers will have their own merchant account, and submitting an order will then create multiple payments, one for each supplier.
We'd like a shopper to only have to save their credit card once and use it with many merchants. Customer profile seems like it works within the context of a single merchant but we're wondering if there's a higher level like "merchant network" where cards can be stored across several merchants.
Another thought is possibly to create the credit card in each of the merchant accounts but there are many suppliers and what happens when a new supplier is added. It gets tricky. How else might we solve for this? We'd like to use something that makes it easy to be PCI compliant

Got the localhost thing solved. Look into ngrok for those needing the same thing.


But after digging in, I don't believe Shared CIM will solve our problem.




Scenario: We have one customer that registers at one store and we add thier customer profile to one Auth.Net account. If they go to another store (same business) with a different Auth.Net account we did not want the customer to have to create a separate customer profile. It sounded like Shared CIM could have solved this but with the OAUTH layer it really does not not because it is the customer on the web app not the business owner.




Does Authorize.Net have a solution or any suggestions for this?


Thanks, Jay.



I also am interesting in this functionality for a fairly large client that has about 50 locations with 50 separate Merchant IDs.

Hello @Anurag , I am looking for the exact same functionality where I can make customer profile only once throughout the app and multiple merchants can access those already created customer profile.

We found that Shared CIM will not work for us. I have also seen a couple other posts on this thread with a similar need to share a customer profile accross accounts.


Just wanted to check and see if Authorize.Net has any other options for this in the pipeline other than Shared CIM OAUTH route.


I likewise am fascinating in this usefulness for a genuinely Massager Consult huge customer that has around 50 areas with 50 separate Merchant IDs.


@Anurag Is the invitation to join the preview still available or has that feature been abandoned? 


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