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I've starting having an issue which I can not seem to fix.  It is in regards to the Silent Post setup which cancels memberships if their credit card is declined (and other things).  The script was working  just find until we switched servers.  We upgraded out server to handle additional usage.  Our domain stayed the same, transferred the SSL correctly, but the emails I get from the silent posts (and logs) are all blank.


I'm not sure this happened because of the server change, as it was 3 weeks ago and we are just now noticing the problem.  The URL is correct in the account settings.  I'm lost for words!


I tried creating a separate page that posted data to the URL as a test, but its blank too!  The silent post script has never been changed in years and its all of a sudden not working.


Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


Hello Wstar,


Is this still a problem for you?

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Administrator Administrator

No, no one has helped yet.  I'm just complely clueless on why nothing is being posted to the file.

Is your silent post going to http or https?


Did you transfer the same certificate, or generate a new one?



A new one was generated.  

Does it matter if a new one was generated?

Do you mean the silent post url is not getting call? or it getting call but no data in the request param?

I seem to be having this issue:


But I have tried both HTTPS and HTTP url's.  The Silent Post just returns nothing.  No errors or anything.  I have the script sending me an email when its first ran (gather all posted variables).  I get the email but its blank.


Very confused on what to do.  We have over 500 monthly  subscriptions and I need this working asap.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Their issue was the URL wasn't getting call because of the SSL issue, it sound like your is getting call but no data.

In the page, do you check for x_??? field name or you just loop thru any post values and send it to the email?

I just use a simple foreach look with php to store the values in a string and send it to my email.  If I manually post something to the script, it works just fine.


foreach($_POST as $key=>$value)

have you try logging the request header info?