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Silent Post URL receiving Invalid hash for voided transactions



I'm integrating AuthorizeNetSIM using the PHP SDK. I am able to perform purchases and receive a response using the silent post URL.

To validate that the POST is coming from I am using the isAuthorizeNet() method provided by the AuthorizeNetSIM class in the SDK.

This works perfectly for the initial payment transaction. However when the same transaction is voided via the terminal the call to isAuthorizeNet returns false.

I've traced it to the value x_MD5_Hash being sent from does not match what is computed by AuthorizeNetSIM->generateHash()

I've tried several things, like putting in the amount of the initial transaction (as the voided transaction always returns 0.00 for the amount) and various other dirty things

to try and generate the same hash as what is being sent by, but no luck.

It just doesn't make sense that this problem only occurs with voided transactions.

Please advise


I'm having the same trouble. The link to the solution posted in this thread is not working for me though, it says I do not have access to view the requested resource. Would you please check the link or provide a written to this issue for me. Thanks! :-)