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Silent Post examples

I followed a few examples for silent post and it appears to work in my tests, but I was curious.  Does authorize send the data as an array of post data, or do they post data repeatedly to my url.


I ask this because it appears it isn't working correctly.



I now have to recommend against relying on silentPosts to determine if a transaction occurred. Instead you should query for transactions using the transaction details API


We use silent posts to track when ARB transaction succeed or fail. On a certain day we did not receive silent posts from even though transactions occurred. I have checked our logs, the server was up and responsive at the time when the transactions were processed. When I contacted for more information they could provide nothing except “we don’t see any error messages/codes”.


I learned two things from the supervisor I talked to:
1) does not check response codes for their silentPosts
2) does not log anything for silentPosts except some error codes.


This means that silentPost is not reliable (and hence, should not be used).