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I have tested my SilentPost script and it works with 3rd party sites, but real silent posts never seem to come to my site. Can some one help me with some debug methods, or how they managed to get their site working. I had this previousl...
I followed a few examples for silent post and it appears to work in my tests, but I was curious. Does authorize send the data as an array of post data, or do they post data repeatedly to my url. I ask this because it appears it isn't working correctl...
I am trying to get some trasnactions for the 18th of this month and it returns nothing even though I can see them in the control panel. I can successfully get the transactions from the 17th or even the 19th, just not the 18th. Why is this happening? ...
If I have like 3000 active subscriptions can I just request the status of all those subscriptions once a day, or should I do it a different way?
For some reason my silent post only seems to be updating one record. Does Authorize submit this information in a batch post? I followed several tutorials online to make my silent post from John Conde I belive his name is.