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Simple Checkout Button - Customization

Are the simple check out buttons only allowed to be created from control panel? Or is the following possible.


Have a form on my website that collects information from the customer. Based on the information that the customer provides, a different price is created, when they click submit it leads to a checkout page which creates a custom button with the price that was calculated by the form, customer clicks on button and pays.


Let me know!

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You are descripting SIM, or DPM. For Simple checkout you can NOT set the price from the form submit.


So the HTML that gives me for the button isn't customizable? There's no field option in the html for the price that I can alter like paypal allows?

Correct, because you don't want just anyone to change the amount before they click the submit button.

with SIM, DPM the amount is part of the figureprint to make sure it wasn't change before submit

Following up with this question, is there a way to take the HTML form code for the simple checkout button and insert it into a custom button I have made for our website? The current button provided doesnt match the aesthetic we are going for, and I have tried everything I can think of with no success.