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Simple Checkout item id in response overlay


I was wondering how I can get the item id of the product I set in my account in the simple checkout API.


Hi realtyna,


I'm not quite sure what you mean. There isn't a Simple Checkout API. But if you're trying to find the Item ID of any of your Simple Checkout items/buttons, just follow these steps.


  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Simple Checkout under Tools in the main menu on the left
  3. Click the product in question and then click Edit Item
  4. The Item ID you provided when creating the button will be displayed underneath the Item Name field.


Hope that helps.





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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the answer but what I want is this :

1- I created a Buy now button in the merchant section of the test account.

2- I put the code in my page.

3- I set the response relay in the merchant account to a php page on my server to process the payment and add some info to my database.

I got everything from server includinf transaction id, first name, last name,etc but I didn't get the item id I set for the product in the response. This is necessary for me as I am developing an application for a client and I need that item id. I was wondering if there is a way to get that? If it's not possible I would have to change a lot of codes.

I also checked the SIM method and again I didn't find any place to get the item id.


Thank you in advance.

Hi realtyna,


Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Item ID back in the response when using Simple Checkout. The only way you can retrieve that info is in the Transaction Details page of the Merchant Interface or if you're using QuickBooks, in the downloadable report for QuickBooks.


If you need something like an Item ID returned in a response, you would need to upgrade to SIM. You could use the x_description field to include an Item ID, or you could use a merchant-defined field, both of which are returned to you in the transaction response. You can find out more info on those fields in the "Customizing the hosted payment form fields" and "Merchant-defined fields" sections of the SIM guide.





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If the itemID is passed with and accepted and approved transaction, how does one get that item information to show up in the email receipt that is sent from

Simple Checkout uses the Item ID as a unique number you assign to each item and is used for reference only. This is sent in as a line item detail and we don't send the line item detail in the Merchant email receipts. It is only available through the Transaction Details API, Transaction Details page in your Authorize.Net account and Customer email receipts.
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OK, I understand that. But, the transactino details are not showing up on the Transaction Details page on the account. I am just in the testing mode, so will test transactions even show up in Transaction Details?

You should use a developer (sandbox) account in live mode. I would highly recommend never using test mode, it doesn't simulate things very well.