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Split Capture Possible

I've implemented about 6 different credit card processing gateway's.  I started implementing Authorize.Net about 2 weeks ago.  The implementation does an AUTH_ONLY, then later issues a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE.   The business model for my client will in some cases fulfill part of the order and then fulfill the rest of the order at a later date (a classic split shipment).  


However, when reading the docs for a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE it states the following:  


Only a single Prior Authorization and Capture transaction can be submitted against an Authorization Only.

Does this mean that Authorize.Net simply cannot handle a split authorize and capture??  This is standard practice in order fulfillment and other gateway's allow this.  I would find it hard to believe that Authorize.Net can't handle this?? 

I searched the forums, but I haven't been able to find anything.  Am I missing something?


Ya thanks,


It helped a lot. Completed the processes successfully.


Thanks for the help,..

I had one question:

1. I used AUTH_ONLY to authorize a $50 transaction.

2. Using PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE I captured a partial amount of $30.

What happens to the remaining amount? Will it be credited back to Customer?

The above Partial Capture is a result of a situation where my Customer initially agreed to buy a service for 2 years and later one he wanted to change to 1 year. So the initial transaction of AUTH_ONLY was for say $50 and later I had to end up charging him only $30.

I am assuming the remaining $20 will be credited back to the customer and that is what I wanted.

Do let me know.

AUTH_ONLY put a hold on the amount, it doesn't take it from the customer until you do a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE.

After that remaining amount will be released from that hold.

There is no credit because it never went to you in the first place, not before PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE.