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Split Tender Transactions

Hello. I'm a little confused about how to use Split Tender Transactions. In the development environment I am able to successfully generate a partial authorization using the appropriate zip and card number. Here are my specific questions.


1) If I submit a $10.00 order, and only $1.23 is approved, on subsequent transactions do I submit the difference as the x_amount ($7.77 in this instance) along with the x_split_tender_id, or do I submit the full $10.00?


2) Does this work with regular credit cards with insufficient funds, or only prepaid cards? It appears to work with the regular test credit card number, although the message returned explicitly references prepaid cards. "The amount of this request was only partially approved on the given prepaid card."


3) If it only works with prepaid cards, am I able to use a regular credit card to submit the balance?


4) Is there any way to use this without there being insufficient funds on a card? For instance on a $200.00 order, can I give a customer the option to submit $100 on 2 separate cards?


Thanks for any help I can get.


1)If I remember correctly, is 7.77, but test it to make sure.

2)Both, prepaid and credit.




4)not thru split tender transaction. But you can just make 2 different transaction, because for split tender, each transaction would be a transaction fees.