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Storing Credit Cards



I thought I would reach out in the development forum prior to contact directly.


So, my company is trying to collect customer details such as credit cards, along with billing and shipping addresses through our website.


I should add, we are just collecting these details and will not process any transactions until a later time. 


These are a few features they are looking for:


 - Customer has the ability to add multiple credit cards (up to 10)

 - Out of those credit cards, the customer can select which card will be the default card


We've looked at the hosted form option but of course, it doesn't provide enough information about the features above.


Any recommendations as to what I should look for or options I should look into?


Or...should I just contact haha


Thank you in advance for any details you all may provide.


Hello @DHDev16


Regarding your questions, using Customer Profiles, you can store up to 10 payment profiles.  We do offer the ability to set a default payment profile but it must be set using the API, it cannot be set using the Accept Customer hosted form.  Also, the ability to use the default payment profile is not yet available but is coming in a future release.



Administrator Administrator

how can we add credit card for existing customer profile? if we add multiple credit card for a single customer then do we need to create multiple customer profile for a single customer?


we are making application in which customer can add card using add card srceen, when he want to order something then we will show list of cards added by him and he will choose any one and transaction will occure.


what way should we follow for that?