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Styling Accept Hosted form

Is there any way to style the Accept Hosted form or form fields?



Using the posted XML :

<settingName>hostedPaymentStyleOptions</settingName> <settingValue>{"bgColor": "red"}</settingValue> </setting>
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Thanks, but that only styles one specific element: the background color. And it appears there's no other elements that can be styled except that one, unless I'm missing some data in the docs.


Is there any way to style other specific elements, like making the text input boxes into regular input boxes with 4 borders and an inset look?


Need to find out about this as well. The font on the form is serif and very large, which clashes with the font on our site. I found a page in the authorize dashboard that allows you to customize the payment form, but it appears to have no affect on the accept hosted form.


Is there no way to customize the fonts at all? Maybe this is the final straw that prompts us to move on to a more modern payment gateway.

Hi @poachie,


Besides the highlight color, there is no way to change the style of the Accept Hosted form. If you want control over the look and feel of the form, we suggest that you create the payment form on your site exactly how you want it to look, then use Accept.js to convert the credit card info to a one-time use token before the information gets transmitted to your server. This provides the same benefit of shielding you from the payment information while giving you a lot more flexibility in appearance.

Old post, but I'm replying because I was looking to get this question answered as well and saw the response by @Aaron.  Does this not defeat the purpose of the Hosted Form? ie The Hosted Form is here so the person using it has lesser responsibility from a PCI Compliance perspective.


If you were to do what suggested the server you are collecting this information on is now required to comply to a much higher level of PCI Compliance.

Hello @pberce


Accept.js enables you to meet PCI DSS SAQ A-EP and still maintain full control over the customer experience while Accept Hosted offers a mobile-optimized experience meeting PCI DSS SAQ A but doe not offer the same UX customization.



There are listed options available to configure your Payment Form (Accept hosted form) under the Transaction Submission Settings in Account menu:

1. Update header and footer text

2. Update color, background color, font style, font color, etc.

3. Make any fields hidden or required.



As user poachie mentioned above, those settings have zero effect, at least in the sandbox account I'm using, when processing transactions with Accept Hosted.

Yes, it would be super helpful to allow simple editing of text and button colors in hosted lightbox overlay. I imagine you could set this up in the account admin area.  This is a high priority request.