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Syncing eCheck transactions and settlement

We have a system that maintains synced info on AuthNet Transactions. We are dealing with an issue with eCheck transactions. They show up in settled batches but have a pending status for a few days, at which point they then all change to settled (successfully typically), within the same original batch number. Our system checks for new batches and syncs them if they are new. This results in us getting the pending status but not the settled status. How would I know when a batch is actually settled? Do I need to setup a redundancy to say simply re-sync each batch with settlement + 1 week, + 2 weeks. Does this only apply to echeck transactions (seems to be the case). Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Is there a last updated or similar on the batch object (I'm using get settled batch list), that we can queue off of to check if a resync is necessary? If I can get this from a batch list I could set it up to sync if the last updated changed.


I just noticed there is a settlementState, its a bit hard to test this, will it show up as pending in settled transactions until the echecks clear?