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Testing invalid transactions using CIM

We have customer profiles set up in CIM.  We need to test a failed transaction.  I read the error generation guide  and it says to use zip code 46282 and the transaction will fail.  I tried that and it processes successfully.  It validates the card information so only valid test cards can be used.  It also won't let you put in a past daqte for expiration date.


So we need help getting a negative test run.


You can use the extraOptions on the CreateCustomerProfileTransaction



Im sorry let me clarify.  the profile is accepting the 46282.  BUt when I try to make a payment I want to see a failure, but it is processnig the payment as successful.

Is it running testmode?

We tried test mode and nothing worked, so it is in live mode

I just try it on my test account. It work either way.


1)Payment profile zip code is blank and use the extrasOption x_zip=46282


2)Change the payment profile zip code to 46282


Both give me response code 2


When you said successful, do you mean the transaction is successful or response reason code is "1"

Response is 1

Don't know what to tell you then, since it work for me just fine.

Can you login to the merchant account and to the CIM interface to make sure it do have to right zip code?