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The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit

Hey everyone.  We've been using for some years now and overall its worked out pretty darned well for us.  Lately, we are seeing an uptick in the number of failures when we try to issue credits for cancelled orders.  We get the error message "The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit", and our understanding has been that a charge must have been settled for 24 hours before a credit may be issued.  However, these messages are now taking place at 25 or even 26 hours after settlement.  Is there a rule change that took place recently, or some other policy change, that we should be aware that might also cause this message, or is it simply that the aforementioned 24 hours is an average time after settlement and may be longer for some charges?



Authorize.Net settles transactions in your account once every 24 hours. In general, this means that most of your transactions settle in under 24 hours. However, the settlement sometimes takes an hour or two to complete after your designated transaction cut-off time. If you run a transaction just after your scheduled cut-off, it is therefore possible that it won't settle for up 26 hours (or longer if there is any unusual interruption at your payment processor).

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