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This error code applies only to merchants on FDC Omaha.

I configured my Authorize.Net account to get payments from clients on my site using CIM API. When a client get registered on my site, he creates his payment profile. All the information are stored on I save only profile id to get payments. After completion of one month, I get payment by sending request to Authorize.Net.

Every thing is going fine, and I get payment. But against some profiles, there is some issue, i get error

Response Reason Code: 205 Response Reason Text: This transaction has been declined. Other Suggestions: This error code applies only to merchants on FDC Omaha. The value submitted in the merchant number field is invalid.

Is it some programming issue or some thing else? I searched this on but could not find proper solution. I am unable to understand what is merchant number field.


I also have this same question and I cannot find any proper answers on the internet and also need a solution. Works like a charm!




Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.