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This should be simple... but I haven't figured it out yet...

Honestly, I am very new to PHP. I know enough to make it work. I have never implemented any type of "shopping cart" my client just wants a "pay here" button. Everything I look at appears to be very complicated. This should be fairly simple I thought. She wants them to be able to place an order with her and then go on her website, click "pay now" and have them put in the amount of the transaction and their credit info. I have not been able to find anything that allows for a client to input their own transaction amount. Can someone please direct me to the simplest easiest quickest way to make this happen? 


DPM, SIM, AIM will probably work for you.

DPM, SIM required you do know the amount ahead of time so you can generate a hash value for validation.

AIM don't need that hash value because you pass the CC info and everything else on your backend but you need to have SSL.


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