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Transaction Response for recurring payments



I am working on recurring payments using


I was able to sucessfully create the subscription and received a reponse of OK.


I logged into the sandbox account and could see the subscription created succesfully.


Now I have a question, as when the next recurring payment, will be done, how the website will get the response of the transaction status?


If I understand correctly, you want the website to receive an update when the ARB is processed. If this is correct, you could either use the Silent Post URL setting in the merchant portal, the new webhooks, or the Transaction API to get the status of a transaction.


Thanks for the reply.


Yes I have setup the Silent Post url from the account of sandbox and i am getting the reponse also.

Now I have 2 questions further:

1. Can we set the silent post url when we send the request for subscription from application(


2. Minimum recurring cycle is of 7 days, but I cannot wait for 7 days to test my functionality.

So can I test for per day cycle in sandbox?