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Transaction settled successfully but no notification was sent to our server

We're running Magento 1.9.4. successfully settled a transaction and the customer was charged but our platform did not receive a confirmation notification from 

Thus, an order was not created in our store - if Magento does not receive a payment notice an order will not be created - even though the customer was charged.

No error message was sent by, and we verified this was not an issue caused by a Magento side malfunction.


This happened on 01-Mar-2019 22:50:41.

We successfully received order notifications prior and after this date.


Has anyone else experienced comm issues with at the time, or experience similar problems in the past?


Hi Twobirch-Dev, This version of Magento utilizes DPM (Direct Post Method) which is an older, now deprecated, integration method. DPM uses Relay Response to return the transaction result to your specified URL. As far as I understand, Magento creates the URL for this purpose on the merchant's behalf so you may be unaware of what that URL actually is. You may want to reach out to Magento to find out, if you have not done so already and are unaware of what this URL is. The behavior you describe is known as a timeout. Information on what causes a timeout can be found here: Please note that the explanation listed on the page above isn't truly accurate, it is simply the message displayed to end-users as we cannot and do not know what the end-result of the transaction will be when we cannot communicate to your Relay URL to advise your solution of the transaction result. It is worth noting that newer versions of Magento (2.xx.xx) no longer use DPM and we would suggest moving away from this method if possible. If that is not possible, users should be aware that this older, no longer supported, method of integration will include timeouts due to the distinct nature of the asyncronous call made to the merchant (cart, in this case) provided Relay URL and the varying reasons why our connection attempt to return the transaction response may not be successful in order to return the response. I hope this is helpful to you. Thank you, Elaine
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