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Transaction with other currency process

Hello everyone,


Now, I'm was doing Authorize.NET payment integration on my website, and I use a sandbox account to test a payment. From the information I get, that the sandbox account can only for the USD currency. But, on my website I want to sell product with another currency other than USD, ie EUR, GBP and CAD. I would explain the cases on my website.


Explanation :

On my website, the seller have to create account for can be do the selling and setup payment integration use their Authorize.NET merchant account, this has been provided. For example, the seller used USD in their merchant account. Then the seller want to sell 2 product (in case on my website seller can be create and sell product with multiple currency, including USD, EUR, GBP and CAD). The first product set in USD as P1 and the second product set in EUR as P2.


How the process is going to happen, if:


Case 1 :

The Customer with EUR currency set in their merchant account bought P1.


Case 2 :

The Customer with EUR currency set in their merchant account bought P2.


I hope you guys can help me to get best solution for my case. Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Muhamad Iqbal


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