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Transactions Details API: getUnsettledTransactionListRequest delay?

I'm writing some unit tests to test getUnsettledTransactionListRequest. I'm submitting a test AuthorizationRequest then querying for it using getUnsettledTransactionListRequest. If I immeditally use getUnsettledTransactionListRequest the test transaction isn't listed. If I wait 15-30 seconds its there. The delay seems to be inconsistent. 


Is there a delay in the live system and what is the minimum I should way before checking the transaction?


The scenario we're trying to use getUnsettledTransactionListRequest for is getting the status of transactions that had some type of networking issue (we send a post but network fails and we don't get a response). These are rare but its something we'd like to automate handling of. In these cases we don't have a transactionId and must rely on the invoice number we generated.


The other two payment gateways we support allow referencing transaction details directly by invoice number, unfortunately with Authorize we need to getUnsettledTransactionListRequest to get the transactionId we lost and then get the rest of the transaction details using that.


Thanks for your help guys, we're going to just make sure we don't check getUnsettledTransactionListRequest for at least 5 minutes after a failure and assume that enough time for replication to reliably finish.

I'm having this same issue, but between the inperson-ios-sdk and the node-sdk. The POS conducts a transaction, coughs up a transaction id, which we send to our server. The server must verify the transaction isn't bogus data from unsavory actors, so it calls getTransactionDetails, which promptly returns a "Record not Found" error. If the POS then retries the submission, it then usually then finds the transaction.


I'd prefer not to, but I'll begrudgingly pummel your server with repeated requests until one succeeds.


Every milliseconds counts when there's a line of people waiting at the POS.


P.S. Can we get some kind of opaque but unique identifier for each card from the inperson SDKs? Anything to know its a returning customer? Something to make you competitive with Square???