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Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system.

I am working on a Desktop .NET WPF for Card Present type application.  We have a developer account setup and have aquired a login and transaction key.    When sending test data to the payments Gateway,  we are getting the above error. 

"Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system."


Using the sample code as provided in the SDK.  Have tried using various overloads to the CardPresentAuthorizationRequest method,  they return the same error.  



//var request = new CardPresentAuthorizationRequest(cardAmount, "4012888818888", "12", "16");


var request = new CardPresentAuthorizationRequest(cardAmount, tCardData.Track1, tCardData.Track2);



//These are optional calls to the API




//Customer info - this is used for Fraud Detection


//request.AddCustomer("id", "first", "last", "address", "state", "zip");


//order number




//Custom values that will be returned with the response


//request.AddMerchantValue("merchantValue", "value");


//Shipping Address


//request.AddShipping("id", "first", "last", "address", "state", "zip");



//step 2 - create the gateway, sending in your credentials and setting the Mode to Test (boolean flag)


//which is true by default


//this login and key are the shared dev account - you should get your own if you


//want to do more testing

 ( removed my developer Login and Transaction key from the Gateway() method below: )          

var gate = newGateway("API Login", "Transaction Key",true);



//step 3 - make some money


var response = gate.Send(request);

            cd.Approved = response.Approved;

            cd.Amount = response.Amount;

            cd.AuthorizationCode  = response.AuthorizationCode;

            cd.InvoiceNumber = response.InvoiceNumber;

            cd.Message = response.Message;

            cd.ResponseCode = response.ResponseCode;

            cd.TransactionID = response.TransactionID;


Accepted Solutions

should be CardPresentGateway, not Gateway

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Hello ddavidson340,


The simplest solution is to create a new sandbox account and ensure you select the Card Present (CP) account type.  It is not possible to change an account type once it is created.



Administrator Administrator


I took your advise and just setup a Card Present account and am still getting the same error message.

Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system.


I did replace my Gateway API Login  and  Transaction Key with the new ones from the CP account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

should be CardPresentGateway, not Gateway