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Transitioning from one CRM to another without requesting customer billing information

We are currently using Infusionsoft + to charge our customers.  As far as I can tell we are not using any special API, just standard integration provided by Infusionsoft shopping cart (


We would like to migrate from Infusionsoft to another CRM platform without having to request customer billing information (CC #, expiration, etc.) a second time.  If customer information must be stored on in addition to the CRM platform in order to accomplish this then that is OK.  Whatever is necessary to accomplish this migration will be done.


May we have to "push" our customer billing info to, then migrate platforms, then connect customer billing info to our new platform based on a customer profile #?  Is this something that can be done?



If you already have Customer Information Manager service setup in your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account and you just need to switch from Infusionsoft to a different CRM then there is no need to recreate your customer profiles. You will not lose your the customer data you have in your CIM when you switch from one software to another but if you are not using CIM right now then unfortunately we cannot help you retrieve your customer information from your current software to transfer to your new one.



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