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Trouble getting started with SIM in an ASP.Net MVC project

Hi all,

I'm testing the waters with integration in a simple MVC project while I wait for my accounting team to finish our account authorization.


Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting the compiled page to output the correct HTML.  I basically copy/pasted the sample code from , then modified it to build with my project.  The only difference from the sample is that I'm using Razor markup. The page looks like this:


    ViewBag.Title = "First Test";
@using (Html.BeginSIMForm("", 1.99M, "YOUR_API_LOGIN_ID",
   <input type = "submit" value = "Pay" />

This looks like it should be all fine and dandy, but the problem seems to be with the "BeginSIMForm" helper: the <form>...</form> block gets output before everything else on the page, so when looking at the html on the rendered page, I see the form block up top, then the DOCTYPE, html, head, body, etc.


I tried replacing BeginSIMForm with just a basic BeginForm, and if I do that, the form is rendered in the body of the page, as one would expect.


Is there something special I need to do to get this to work, or will the HtmlHelpers just not work with MVC3/Razor markup?  If not, that might be something worth documenting somewhere (or at least, that they only work with ASP markup).


I appreciate any feedback I might get on this.




all right.  I've had a look at the source code for CheckoutFormBuilders.  what garbage.  I'm ripping the DLL out of my project and will code it by hand.


- e


p.s. as a side note, SIM doesn't support eChecks which was the whole reason for this exercise... sigh...

I have a detailed answer to this on stackoverflow


As others mentioned add a @using statement to the top of your view to AuhtorizeNET.Helpers or in the web.config located in /Views


This made it so I could render the forms correctly and test the DPM suite.