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Two order amounts on one order id.

I am using OSC 2.2  and SIM module. And its working process is when sends the reponse code is '1' then order is recorded in our database but when it is '2' or '3' order is not recorded and considered as payment failure. We have also disabled the double click option on submit button for preventing duplicate order.

Recently in my transaction history page, two transactions are listed with same order id with different order amount.
The time interval between the two transactions is 30 mintues. Second order amount is recorded in my order history page , but first order is not recorded.
Why has this issue occured?

If I enable's Receipt Auto-eMailer, will there be any problem in transaction process?

What are the changes required in account settings, so that Merchant and Customer both will recieve Auto-eMailer Receipt email?

Please let me know ASAP.


If this is a production issue the fastest way to find out more about the two transactions might be to call our customer support.

On the technical side do you have any logs from OSC?

Administrator Administrator