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URGENT ! Help with Customer Profiles and CVC

Hello guys!


Urgent help needed today because we may lose our merchant account.


We are creating customer profiles(saving user's sensitive payment info) through Accept.js nonce and then charging that customer profile on our back-end for subscription-based service. Recently we have noticed that even if users type wrong CVC code Authorize.Net does not send a decline, the CVC verification is not working.


Authorize.Net merchant support says that we are not sending CVC code at all. But how this can be if we charging Customer Profile, which was created using Accept.js? We want subscription billing(customer profile charging) to work without asking user CVC code every time.



Please advice


Best regards,



Hi @cryptsky


When you are adding a payment profile using the Accept Token are you passing validationMode as liveMode or not ?


 Use liveMode to submit a zero-dollar or one-cent transaction (depending on card type and processor support) to confirm the card number belongs to an active credit or debit account.

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If using the liveMode using and a one-penny charge is made... will ADN reverse the charge?