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URL Relay conflict between Donate Now and Ecwid

Please help me solve this problem with our website.  We are a non-profit that relies on donations and this is a problem that needs fixing asap, especially in light of the time of year for donations!


The problem with the website boils down to the fact that


  1. when I set the URL relay to satisfy the Ecwid cart requirements,, it causes an error for those using the donate now button as follows, "An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.This transaction has been approved.It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service."


  1. And, when I setup the relay urls as the donate now button requires, the ecwid cart donation does not function at all!


Currently I have chosen to set the URL relay to satisfy the Ecwid cart requirements, and to put an explanation on our donation page by donate button for donors regarding the error msg they will receive.





Hello @ejadventures 


This type of problem is typically caused when the payment gateway is unable to connect to your relay response url after the transaction is processed.


Have you contacted Ecwid to discuss your issue?



Administrator Administrator