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Looking for some advice on SIM

So I have been tasked with adding the ability to take credit card orders from our custom built webstore.  The webstore is built on Jboss and is a little dated, but serves it's purpose quite well.  I'm a Sysadmin and Java is not in my repertoire by any means so I'm a little over my head at first glance.  Our webstore is 2-headed with one head being the web based storefront and the other being an inventory management system the webstore pulls data from.  If a customer places an order via the webstore it actually ends up dumping the order into the Inventory Management System and then the customer service rep ends up taking the credit card information by phone.  Is there any examples of a similar situation or someone who is willing to act like as a mentor to me as navigate this storm?


Hello @gizmojeff54 


Welcome to our community.  


Many organizations like yours are moving away from Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) solutions and choosing instead to collect payment as part of the online experience.


You are always welcome to use our community as place to dicuss your development questions and issues, and perhaps someone may contact you directly.


You might also consider engaging with an Authorize.Net Certified Developer.



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