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Unable to access/generate MERCHANT_HASH_CODE with developer account

I registered a developer account a few years ago (circa 2008) when first integrating our application with  I am now attempting to switch from the AIM/CIM API to the DPM for PCI reasons.  I can see that the DPM requires a MERCHANT_HASH_CODE for teh MD5 hashing validation.  I logged into my developer account at using my login "cnpdemo123", but an unable to access the section to view/generate my MD5 hash code.  I have my APIlogin/transkey that I use regularly for testing/dev since setting up may account years ago, but fo not have this has code.  How can obtain the MERCHANT_HASH_CODE for my developer account?


I've tried this to generate it using the process outlined here : But it seems I do not have permission to the " Update transaction security settings " section.  I do not have a   MD5-Hash under General Security Settings under Account from the main toolbar,.  There is no "Settings" link at all.  How can get this resolved? I' not sure who to contact outside this discussion forum.  Thanks...


Hey mcs,


Back in the day, our test accounts were shared test accounts, sometimes with limited functionality. I'd suggest applying for a new test account, which will be yours only, and should have all the necessary permissions for what you're trying to do. All you need to do is visit this link here and you'll be signed up for a new account. Just make sure you select a Card Not Present Account.


Give that a whirl and see if you're still seeing errors with the new test account--then let us know!





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Thanks Michelle.  I'll go ahead and try that.