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Unable to enter payment details with Magento Direct Post

I apologize if I'm in the wrong section to post this sort of question, but I a little new to this and I haven't gotten a response on the magento boards. I'm testing out a new site I created on Magento v1.5.0.0-rc1 which has Direct Post API integrated with it. I have an active account and I'm successfully able to complete payments on other sites I've created with Magento with a SIM extension installed. Once I have the shipping information filled in and submit the order, I'm taken to a success page informing me that the order has been successfully completed. However, I'm never taken to a page to enter any payment details. Looking at the console in firefox, I don't see any errors. I don't see any issues in the error log on my cpanel either. Is there some additional steps I need to take?


have the same problem.  Any solutions??  


This doesn't sound like an problem per se. Post on the Magento forums.