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Unable to get response to our server after completing a transaction

We have setup a integration using the hosted page setup in an iframe that processes the payment properly and we get the confirmation email and all that.  But have not been able to get the ANET server to send a confirmation to our server upon completion.


I have setup a webhook for the response on the following events:



We have used the URL options in the token acquistion with no effect, have tried setting up the url on the Response/Receipt options, and none of it gets a response to our server.


Can someone tell me what the method is for getting the ANET server to respond to our server for a completed transaction?


Thanks for any help,





The 3 webhooks won't let you know in in case of authOnly or authCapture transactions.


You also need to subscribe to this 2 events

  • net.authorize.payment.authorization.created
  • net.authorize.payment.authcapture.created 

Specially the authcapture.created  to get the trnsaction created webhooks as most of the transaction created is of authcapture type.


Hope this helps !

Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

Thanks for what options to use and I am getting the webhook response. But I cannot find how to link that response to anything I get from the AuthNetApi.initPmtPage response when starting the transaction.


I have the transaction ID in the webhook, but where is the info on how to use that get something I can link to my side of the transaction.  There does not seem to be anything returned that I can use from the webhook.


This seems to be alot harder of a process than it has been with many other payment processors.


Thanks for any help,