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Upgrade to New API 2020 and IPN

It has been forever since I first implemented Authnet support on a client site. The only recent change as upgrading the SHA stuff - so even that's been a while. I now see that he needs to have things upgraded/converted to use the "new API".


I really can't remember whether we used AIM or SIM when we first joined - but we do use IPN and I need to make sure I can continue to notify him when a sale is made.


I have skimmed through the various multitude of pages and code examples for various languages - unfortunately, none work for us. I have also tried to pull together all the text descriptions of the API - but, honestly, the arrangement is not very satisfying. I'm an old software developer and would be MUCH more comfortable with a PDF or similar of the API fields and functions - along with discussion addressing things like IPN (or whatever similar feature is supported in the new API).


Does anyone know where I can find such a thing?